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10 creative business card designs - MakeSimpleDesigns

10 creative business card designs

Back in the days a business card was used to show information about you and your company.But usually they didn’t show accurately who you are and what you do in the brightest light. That’s when most of creative individuals realized that sharing information is not good enough anymore. It was necessary for the information to be presented visually to have a bigger impact on the people. That’s when everything changed and creative individuals went one step farther by making a creative card design. The design of the business card is important, and that’s why i wanted to share with you some cool business card designs i have wound on the web. I hope you will find useful some of the business cards inspiration you will see here.

1.Evgeny Katz – Barber’s card – creative business card designs

A really cool sample of barber’s business card. The designer used 2 elements to create an animation of scissors moving. A unique idea for a barbers business card idea. Visit the link to see the business card animation – Evgeny Katz – Barber’s card.

Evgeny Katz - Barber's card

2.Driv Loo – Smiley

Business card designed for personal use that is a Smiley character. Very simple and creative business card with one sided nice graphics. If you want to see the original business card project visit the link – Driv Loo – Smiley.

Driv Loo - Smiley

3.Linda Nebedniece – M business card

Very creative business card design for an advertising agency. It was cutted and folded to create a 3d form of the letter M. Clean and creative result for a business card design. If you want to see the more images of this business card project visit the link – Linda Nebedniece – M business card.

Linda Nebedniece - M business card

4.Richard C Evans – Bentply

As you will see this is one of the best business card design i have seen in my life. It is cutted and folded to form a 3d chair. It is simply a brilliant idea for a business card. Here is the link the authors website –  Richard C Evans – Bentply.

Richard C Evans - Bentply business card

5.Eduardo Quadra & Eduardo Araujo – TAM Cargo

Simple business card that is folded in a 3d box. It is made for the leader of the cargo segment in Brazil. They even have a demonstration video for the card, how it look’s and how its is folded. To see the video and more images of this creative business card design visit the link – Eduardo Quadra & Eduardo Araujo – TAM Cargo.

Eduardo Quadra and Eduardo Araujo TAM CARGO business card

6.Stbernadine – Guitar Instruction

A lovely and simple business card design made for music instructor Doug Liddle. The business card it self is a guitar lesson, showing you how to play the guitar in a really fun way.

Stbernadine - Guitar Instruction

7.Murmure – Concrete

This is a business card design created from the creative agency Murmure. But just so you know, the material used for this business card is concrete. I can not image the pain they have gone trough to make concrete cards at such a small scale. Not to mention that the business cards are embossed that adds additional difficulty to the task. Nevertheless it is a great idea and a great business card. If you want to see more images of this business card project visit the link – Murmure – Concrete.

Murmure - Concrete business card

8.DJ Mohit Business Card

This is a business card for a DJ Mohit. It represents a scratch console that associates with a dj’s equipment. The disk can rotate so when you move it, it gives you a feeling you are a dj. If you want to see more images of the business card design visit the link – DJ Mohit Business Card.

DJ Mohit Business Card

9.Kapil Bhimekar – Yoga Instructor

Great idea turned in to a business card. Designer Kapil Bhimekar has created this brilliant business card for yoga instructor Danielle Abisaab. It is simple with no graphic elements. The information of the yoga instructor can be seen after the business card is twisted, something that is common in the yoga practice. If you want to see more images of this business card project visit this link – Kapil Bhimekar – Yoga Instructor.

Kapil Bhimekar - Yoga Instructor

10.Tommy Perez – Papercut

This is a personal creative card design of designer Tommy Perez. With some little cutting and folding separate color shows from the back and spells his name. A simple, brilliant idea with no graphics at all. If you want to see more images of this business card project visit his site – Tommy Perez – Papercut.

10.Tommy Perez - Papercut business card

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