In the Design and IT industry its a required process to create appealing resumes and cv’s that draw attention. A good CV/Resume is the key for success or failiur. And since it is the introduction to your future employer it is your duty to present yourself in the best way posible. The dream job quest has pussed creative minds to go one step further in the creation of impressive resumes. And this time we will see online tools that can be used for the creation of impressive resumes

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1.ResumUP – online tool for an impressive resumes

Resumeup - 10 online tools to create impressive resumes

With ResumUp you can create your resume in the form of an Infographic.All you have to do is tgo to ResumUP, and then you sign up with a Facebook/LinkedIn account.From there on it’s straight forward.

If you want to find out more about this tool visit ResumUp.


ReVu - 10 online tools to create impressive resumes - MakeSimpleDesigns

Again we talk about another popular infographics resume creator.It also gives you a chance to connect with your Linkedin Profile.The final result is a great looking infographic resume design that stands out from the crowed.Everything is easy to use and takes minutes to have a great looking resume design.

If you want to find out more about this tool visit Re.Vu


visualizeme - MakeSimpleDesigns


Great and easy to use infographic resume creator.It takes only minutes and the result is very impressive.Another great tool for your Dream job resume design.

If you want to find out more about this tool visit Vizualize.Me


kinzaa - MakeSimpleDesigns

Infographic Resume Design Builder that supports information from your Facebook/LinkedIn account.You can build your resume design in minutes and give it a great look.It offers some nice graphic elements and great organised sections.

If you want to find out more about this tool visit Kinzaa


Sponge Resume - MakeSimpleDesigns

SpongResume offers some really nice features and its easy to customize.Its rich with graphics but its easy to use so give it a shot.

Go to SpongResume


Purzue - MakeSImpleDesigns

Purzue is a dynamic and multimedia online resume builder.The designs are flat and minimalistic.The outcomes are clean and well organised resume designs.A good feature of Purzue is that they have career-specific resume templates.This way it will be easier for you to customise it.

Go to Purzue


DoYouBuzz - MakeSimpleDesigns

Creating a resume design has never been easier with DoYouBuzz. In a few minutes, you will have a beautiful resume you can use anywhere.You can create both online resume designs and resume designs for print.The end result is a professional and beautiful resume design just for you.

Go to DoYouBuzz