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Expose 11 - the yearbook of digital art

Ballistic Publishing has Launched EXPOSE 11 – the year book of digital art

Finally Ballistic publishing has lunched EXPOSE 11 – the year book of digital art.It is one of the rarest books devoted to 3D,digital illustration, industrial design,architectural visualization,games,television, concept art film and a lot of other types of artworks from people all around the globe.

Expose 11 - the yearbook of digital art

This is the kind the book you will definitely like if you are interested in digital art,concept art,illustration,3d, visualization and etc.Its a collection of the finest digital artworks on the web.Most of the them you can find on cgsociety.org.

expose 11 - picture 1

This book highlights the worlds best digital artworks and divides them in 23 category.The thing that makes this book special as the other previous EXPOSE books is the fact that all the artworks are color corrected so the printed examples can look as much as accurate as the digital artworks you will see in the web.

expose 11 - picture 2Expose 11- picture 3

The book Expose 11 as the other predecessor’s come in 3 packages: Soft cover edition, Hard cover edition and Limited edition.The limited edition is the master pieces and it comes bounded in black leather and embossed lettering.

Expose 11 edi

I forgot to mention that the first 200 customers who will buy expose 11 will get a free A3 poster print.If you want to take an indepte look of Expose 11, Ballistic Publishing will give you the option to see every page of the book.This way you will know if this digital art book is for you or not.

Link to Ballistic Publishing  – Expose 11 digital art book

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