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Creative package design

Today’s consumer habit demands a high amount  of quality products that we use in every days life. But in this modern age a good product is simply not good enough any more. What we see in the product is a reflection of our lifestyle, things we do, wealth and social status. That’s why it is very important to us that the products we like are presented in a very good way. And that is the reason why package design it is so important and a lot of creative designers spend a life time in the creation of a good looking packaging.

MakeSimpleDesigns offers a large variety of amazing inspirations, typography, street art, illustration and tutorial posts. Don’t forget to check them out. Also visit other cool posts on our website related to package design such as:

1.Mountain milk – milk package design

This is an amazing packaging design from a Norwegian designer Anders Drage. He has created a lovely, simple and unique package design for a milk product. It is so simple and yet appealing. And the cool thing what he did is he added an image from the Norwegian mountains that can be seen after you drink 1 of more glasses of milk. It simple gives the feeling of  the Norwegian nature and its fresh pure milk. To better understand this packaging idea, see his project ( the image bellow). Here is a link to the project of Anders – Mountain milk.
Milk bottle package design - anders drage

2.Mighty Nuts – cool packaging design

This is a package design and branding project of Maija Rozenfelde. It’s a packaging made for pistachio nuts. The shape of the package looks like a pistachio and opens like one. The idea of this modern packaging design was to create a unique experience, so when the user see’s the package it knows right away what kind of a product is buying. A graphic solution is not used as much because the idea speaks for it self. If you want to see more images of  this pistachio package design visit the link – Might Nuts – Maija Rozenfelde.

package design for pistachio nuts - maija rozenfelde

3.Unit apparel packaging Flats – storage package design

This packaging was created by designer Katy Fan. It’s a really creative package design for all shoe lovers. Now you have the chance to buy shoes that come in a box used as a storage unit. Yes you heard me right, the package it self is a storage unit. This is a genius idea to make boxes useful so people can use it later on. Simple and genius. If you want to see more images of this package design visit this link Unit apparel – Katy Fan.  

package design branding - katy fan

4.First aid kit packaging – box design

See how creative and nice designed can be your first aid kit box. It has a great design package and a really good graphics solution. Everything is visible at reach and packed in 2 sections. Not only it is designed really good but the most important part is that everything is accessible and functional. And the primary target for the first aid box is to be accessible and functional.You can see more images of the first aid package design by visiting this link – First aid kit – Kevin Harald Campean.

First aid kit packaging - Kevin Harald Campean

5. Herokid magic box – packaging box design

This is a really cool package box design for an urban clothing brand created from designer Andreu Zaragoza. It has cool boxy look with 1 colored graphics. The graphics have an urban style with a huge resemblance to graffiti. It is very simple and appealing. The cool part is that you can download the pdf packaging template of the Magic Box package. Here is the link to the PDF ( Magic Box template) if you want to download the template and make it your self. If you want to see more images of this package design visit this link – Magic box – Andreu Zaragoza.

Magic box package design - Andreu Zaragoza

6.3 2 Go – package design

This is a design concept for kids meal package created from Vivi Feng. It is an amazing packaging design with triangle form. It is created to carry the kids meal with some none toxic crayons. The kids will then use the package to express their creativity by drawing and painting on it, but on the other hand explores the packaging template and how it is created. If you want to see more images of this cool packaging or how it is made, simply go to this link – 3 2 Go kids meal package – Vivi Feng.

3 2 go kids meal package design - Vivi Feng

7.Brushman – shaving brush package design

This is a creative package design for a men’s shaving brush created by Khudayar Aghayarov. Shaving is a boring and painful task for every man. But believe it or not this shaving brush will  make you laugh and make you use it. The idea as the design is unique and speaks for it self. See the image and you will see what im talking about. If you want to see more images for this project visit this link – Brushman – Khudayar Aghayarov.

brushman - package design - Khudayar Aghayarov

8.The grand opening – package design inspiration

These are some really cool box package designs that you need to see. It is a box package with multiple opening options. These package design shows you how you can use a boxed shape and add very radical opening mechanism’s to it. All do most of the packaging design ideas are not practical to be used for production and transport they are simply lovely. If you want to see more images of this package design visit this link – The grand opening – Saara Järvinen.

The grand opening package design - Saara Järvinen

9.Flour – package design

This sample is a flour package design from the designer Silvija Vojnić Rogić. She has created this flour packaging with creative designing related to a bakery or a house. The designs show a baker at the bakery store and on the sides you can see the product that the baker makes. You can tell by seen the baker that is flour related product. Very simple and genius. If you want to see more images from this package design visit this link – Flour package design – Silvija Vojnić Rogić.

flour package design - Silvija Vojnić Rogić

10.Artisan playing cards

This is an elegant package design for Artisan playing cards created from designer Simon Frouws. It has custom illustrations, numbering and really cool lettering. It comes in an engraved wooden box that gives a feel of luxury and wealth. If you want to see more images of this package visit this link – Artisan playing cards – Simon Frouws.

Artisan playing cards- package design

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