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heroes of the storm - mr--jack

Digital Artworks of Mr–Jack

Luke Mancini is a concept artist from Australia know to the public as Mr–Jack. From the early stage in his life he had a great passion for video games and drawing artwork for them. Today he lives in California and works at Blizzard Entertainment, designing on Starcraft 2, but he has also created artwork for World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.

If you want to see some more creative art from this artist visit his website Mr–Jack. Plz don’t forget to check our latest design news on MakeSimpleDesigns.com.

heroes of the storm - mr--jack

avengalopod by mr--jack

azure skyrazor by mr--jack

hilltop encounter by mr--jack

momentum by mr--jack

great one by mr--jack

float by mr--jack

children of the glade by mr--jack

koramund by mr--jack

swarm host by mr--jack

devourer by mr--jack

viper by mr--jack

Breather by Mr--Jack

alyna sunshower by mr--jack

Rhulic Ghordson Avalancher by Mr--Jack

sea ducks by mr--jack

afternoon sun by mr--jack

widow mine by mr--jack

exploratory by mr--jack

dreamer by mr--jack


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