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Draw Like A Pro – Free To Watch Youtube Channels

Draw Like A Pro – Free To Watch YouTube Channels

There are a lot of useful YouTube channels today devoted on how to draw and paint that people can use. The good part is that these how to draw channels come for free so its a good advise to take advantage of them. This is a list of good YouTube channels that i use at a daily basis and can help you to learn how to draw and paint. This list will expand in the near future so i recommend that you bookmark this post for a future use.

1.Scott Robertson Design YouTube Channel

Scott Robertson Design - Youtube Channel

This is probably my favorite YouTube channel. Scott Robertson gives you at disposal all his drawing techniques and knowledge. So what’s cool about it. Well he teaches you how to draw realistic 3d shapes and the best part is he teaches you how to render them. He explains a lot of stuff on drawing perspective, color, realistic renderings that everyone needs to know to become a better designer and artist. The best part about his designer is that he loves to draw “CARS”. Cars, automotive designs, space crafts, trucks, industrial design is his specialty. So if you want to learn how to draw cars, mech’s, space crafts and how to realistically render them then this is the right thing for you.

I do recommend you visit and subscribe to his youtube channel – Scott Robertson Design.

 2.FZDSCHOOL Youtube Channel

Feng Zhu Design - Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel is another must be subscribed to. It is one of the best or maybe the best YouTube channel that gives advanced concept art tutorials, landscapes environment tutorials and character development tutorials. Any user who loves cg, concept art, industrial designs, character design can benefit from this channel. Even do if you are not able to draw like a pro, Feng Zhu provides creative opinion on how o draw ,what to pay attention when you create computer graphics. I do believe that you cannot find more advanced content on the web for free so i suggest you go and check it out.

I do recommend you visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel FZDSCHOOL.

 3.Sycra Youtube Channel

Sycra - Youtube Channel

This is one of the most inspirational YouTube channel’s i have found on the web. It covers any kind of topic, from human anatomy to perspective tips, digital painting, creative approach, composition of artworks and etc. What its cool about this channel is that it covers digital paintings critiques. So what do i mean with that? A lot of people send digital paintings to the author of the channel and he makes a live review of what he thinks it needs to be done in order to improve your design. BELIEVE ME, if you want to get inspired by this artist just watch the whole video of his art progression and believe me you will be back drawing in no time. You don’t need to be a born artist, you just need to practice a lot.

I do recommend you visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel Sycra.

4.Proko – YouTube Channel

This is a really cool YouTube channel devoted to drawing human anatomy and human poses. It has a lot of creative tips on how to draw the human body, shapes, contours, how the human body bends and looks in specific situations. It is a very useful YouTube channel if you like to learn more about human anatomy. The lessons are short, easy to follow and very educative. You will learn how to draw human anatomy in no time.

I do recommend you visit and subscribe to his Youtube Channel – ProkoTV

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