Energy – Learn how to make a copper metal 3D text in photoshop

Energy - photoshop tutorial final result

Energy - photoshop tutorial final result

In this video tutorial you will learn how to create a cool 3D text in photoshop without using any additional plugin or 3D software.In this photoshop tutorial we will use the technique of stacking layers on top of each other in order to achive a 3d text look.

This video tutorial is around 30 min.In order to follow you need to know couple of basic stuff like:how to create a new layer in photoshop, how to add a layer style to a text and how to change a blending mode of a layer.If you have basic knowledge of photoshop you will be able to follow this tutorial with no problem.

[youtube id="0ah7Amp89P4" width="853" height="480" position="left"]

Here is also a link to another tutorial that uses the same technique of stacking layers one on top of each other to achive a 3D look.This tutorial is not video,its a clasic text tutorial:

Learn how to create a 3d heart in photoshop


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  • Di Darlow

    You make it look so easy!

    • makesimpledesigns

      I do hope you can make use of it to create your own 3D text and text effects.Regards ile