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Food typography - typography inspiration you can eat featured

Food typography – typography you can eat

The process of creating food typography designs is not easy because you need to have a great design idea. In order to convert the idea to typography designers use any kind of material possible. One of those materials used for the creative typography is food. Food is cheap, you can buy it everywhere and it’s easy to manipulated for your needs. The result from the typography food can be amazing and that’s why designers use it in the crafting process. I love typography a lot and this post is devoted to food typography, just to show you that playing with food can be fun but also tasty.

MakeSimpleDesigns offers a large variety of amazing inspirations, typography, street art, illustration and tutorial posts. Don’t forget to check them out. Also visit other cool posts on our website related to resume designs such as:

1.Alexander Eliseev – Fast cooked poster food typography

What you see is food typography poster with a simple and brilliant idea. What is cool about it is that the  fonts are made entirely of food. No special effects, just simple idea and custom made typeface design. It is simply amazing how big of an impact can food make. If you want to see more images from this typography project  visit this link – Alexander Eliseev – Fast cooked poster.

Alexander Eliseev - Fast cooked poster

2.Samuel Mensah-Bonsu – I want candy – food typography

This is also another cool idea of food typography poster from designer Samuel Mensah-Bonsu. In this case it was used candy and turn out to be a relay cool typography design. The design is simple but the idea is overwhelming. I do believe that in this case it is used a sample font, because the fonts don’t look custom made. If you like this design and want to see more images of this typography project visit this link – Samuel Mensah-Bonsu – I want candy.

Samuel Mensah-Bonsu - I want candy

3.Kathleen Wen Xin Ang – Peace – Food Typography

This is a food typography design from typography designer Kathleen Wen Xin Ang. The whole design is made out of peas and placed in plate. It is written the word ” Peace “. There is no coincidence that she used that vegetable and that particular word. The pronunciation is almost identical and that’s why this is such a great idea. If you want to see more images of this typography project visit this link – Kathleen Wen Xin Ang – Peace.

Kathleen-Wen-Xin-Ang - Peace

4.Danielle Evans – October – Food Typography

This is a typography project from designer Danielle Evans. It is one of my favorite food typography designs and it is made from cinnamon. The typography design is very nicely organized with allot of curves adding fines to the project. Oh and by the way Danielle Evans is a designer who specializes in food typography designs. Here is a link to the original food typography project – Danielle Evans – October.

Danielle Evans - October

5.Lisa Nemetz – Gourmet

This is a food typography project from designer Lisa Nemetz. She got inspired from other food typography projects she had found on the web and tried to make a project of her own. This typography project is richer with elements compared to the other designs we have seen so far.  The background is rich with colors and forms and simple adds value to the whole idea. To see the original typography project visit this link – Lisa Nemetz – Gourmet.

Lisa Nemetz - Gourmet

6.Andrea Limjoco – Pick book eat

This is a food typography project from designer Andrea Limjoco. She has used varieties of food in order to complete this typography design. The project is versatile in colors and forms with custom made letters. You can see that every letter is formed of different kind of food and that’s what makes it interesting. If you want to see more images of this typography project visit this link – Andrea Limjoco – Pick book eat.

Andrea Limjoco - Pick book eat

7.Kittaya Treseangrat – Alpha Bet

This is a food typography project of  typography designer Kittaya Treseangrat. This is a project made for the AIGA event ” Hand drawn lettering” and comes in 3 versions ( different food ). It is very simplistic, with just couple of color variations and some negative space which is very cool. Believe it or not, but this is the kind of typography poster you would like to eat. To see the original typography project visit this link – Kittaya Treseangrat – Alpha Bet.

Kittaya Treseangrat - Alpha Bet

8.Yihmay Yap – Appetite

This is a food typography project from typography designer yihmay yap. It is a very nice sample used for a food magazine as a typography cover. It is a single dominant latter, made only from vegetables and it is very diverse in colors and shapes. The background its made from rise but at first glance it cant be noticed so much. All in one its is very good sample for food typography. If you want to see the original typography project visit this link – yihmay yap – appetite.

yihmay yap - appetite

9.Giron Mathilde – Breakfast

This is a typography project from designer Giron Mathilde. It is a food typography project that comes in 4 versions: breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner. It is a sample text with some additional background elements. The idea is to show the 4 different words as food. Really basic but yet great idea. If you want to see the original project visit this link –  Giron Mathilde – Breakfast.

Giron Mathilde - Breakfast

10.Scott Biersack – Type from things

This is a design typography project from designer Scott Biersack. It’s a personal project with some coffee typography and other different food materials. He kept it simple and mad it out of coffee beans, rice and paprika. It is very simple design with 3 colors and no additional background elements. If you want to see the original typography project visit this link – Scott Biersack – Type from things.

Scott Biersack - Type from things

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