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expensive logo designs

Most expensive logo designs and rebranding of all time

Logo design and branding is the most important part of every company’s corporate identity. The logo is a symbol for the company, what she is and does. That’s why logo design was taken seriously a long time ago and a lot of money and effort were placed to create a positive brand awareness and great marketing strategies. But sometimes its impossible to imagine how far can companies go in order to promote them self.

It was quite a shock when i first saw how much money they have spent on logo ideas in order to create a brand for themselves. Lets take a look how much money companies have spent on logo design and marketing strategies to strengthen their brand. Counting down from 10 to 1 this post shows you the most expensive cool logo designs and branding strategies of all time.

10.City of Belfast logo: $280,000

Belfast city logo design

This logo design takes the last place in this list. It is the new rebranded look of the Belfast city logo and it costed 280,000 $. It is an interesting design with a turned heart shape and the name of the city in it. It was chosen the love symbol to unite people of different religions and nationality, despite the violent history the town has.

9.City of Melbourne logo: $625,000

Melbourne city logo design

This logo was designed from Landor Associates in 2009 for the city of Melbourne. It is a really interesting and unique design. The price tag competes with the logo for the London Olympics but i do believe that the Melbourne logo is better. Nevertheless this logo takes the 9th place in this list.

8.London 2012 Olympics logo: $625,000.

London olympics logo design

The logo for the London 2012 Olympics was designed by Wolff Olins a brand consultancy company based in London. The logo design originates from 2007 and the company who created it was criticized that the logo design was to sloppy. Sloppy or not this logo fits its position among the top 10 most expensive logo designs of all time.

7.Pepsi logo: $1,000,000.

Pepsi logo design

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. It is one of the most popular soda in the world and most fierce competitor of Coke. In 2008 1 million dollars was spent on rebranding the logo. It was simple a fresh updated look. But never the less with the 1 million dollar redesign it looks better.

6.BBC rebranding: $1,800,000.

BBC logo design

BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation is a British public service broadcasting company who spent 1.8 million on rebranding their logo. In these case branding and brand awareness is very important do to the fact that this is a global network.

5.ANZ rebranding $15,000,000.

ANZ logo design

ANZ or Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited has spent 15 million dollars on rebranding and marketing strategies. ANZ is the dominant bank in New Zealand and third most powerful in Australia. That why it was important on spending so much money on rebranding and brand awareness. Money is not a big problem with banks and that’s why they can afford to spent a lot of money on branding.

4.Posten Norge rebranding: $55,000,000.

Norway post logo design

Posten Norge ( Norway post )  is Norwegian postal service company. This company has spent 55 million dollars on rebranding their company, make successful marketing strategies and create positive awareness among its clients and users. Even do this is the only mail distributor the country, Norwegian’s spent a great amount of money for rebranding do to the high brand awareness  and living standards of the Norwegian population.

3.Accenture rebranding – $100,000,000 .

Accenture logo design

Multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company has spent astonishing $100,000,000  for the rebranding and marketing strategies of their company. For that kind of money spent on a logo and marketing strategies, people who don’t like it will say it is cool.

2.BP rebranding – $211,000,000.

BP logo design

British Petroleum or BP as it is know today, is a British multinational oil and gas company who has spent $211,000,000 on rebranding and marketing strategies in order to increase their sales and brand awareness. The green shield was replaced with a more friendly  green and yellow sunflower  type form, to give it a more nature like, green and friendly energy. Just for a record 211 millions of dollars is nothing compared to the 42 billion and up they had to pay for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill ( deepwater horizon oil spill ) in 2010.

1.Symantec rebranding – $1,280,000,000.

Symantec logo design

This American computer security software corporation has spent more then a billion dollars on rebranding their company. From my point of view the rebranded design didn’t make a buzz, as much as the astronomical bill did for this process. This kind of news skyrockets among anybody in the world. And just for your information, if you want your logo to be overwhelming be prepared to spent 1 billion for it. Believe me, no one will argue to the 1 billion reasons.

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