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Paper craft as a creative expression for designers featured - MakeSimpleDesigns

Papercraft as a creative expression for designers

A lot of designers today use paper as an artistic medium to express their design creativity. Papercraft or paper craft are a common element in a lot of stop motion animation and advertising campaigns. The interesting part is that it’s a common thing for the average person to use paper as a hobycraft. The ability to craft paper is very simple, affordable and the paper inspirations and ideas are always limitless. First of all papercrafting is cheap, it doesn’t need a lot of working space and it’s easy to operate. Simply said a dream come try resource for every individual. You can create almost anything from paper, for example: paper toys, origami, paper masks, decorations, greeting cards and etc. All you have to be is an art and craft person and you are set to go. And the last thing we need to spark is the papercraft inspirations, so take a minute of your time to see how design studios and creative individuals use their creativity to turn paper in to something special.

MakeSimpleDesigns offers a large variety of amazing inspirations, typography, street art, illustration and tutorial posts. Don’t forget to check them out. Also visit other cool posts on our website related to resume designs such as:


1.INK Studio Papercraft Designs

INK Studio expresses their creativity with paprecraft and shows what can be achieved with paper. Their Paper Dragon is a state of the art creation.Its a really cool design with carefully picked colors and perfectly set stage.At first glance it doesn’t even appear to be a paper model. I do believe that these kind of craft ideas will inspire you to dive in to paper crafting.If you want to find out more about INK Studio and what they do plz check their site INK Studio.

Papercraft designs - Paper Dragon from INK Studio

2. Nacho Rojo – Papercraft Toys

Nacho Rojo is an artist devoted to illustration, typography and papercraft toys. He has to offer some really cool cube papercraft. His designs are very creative and inspiring .I forgot to mention that he is  very narrative and each of his creation has a story to tell.So if you want to see more designs from this artist plz visit his site Nacho Rojo.

Amazing papercraft - Nacho Rojo sample

3.Shotopop – Paprcraft Illustration

Shotopop is an illustration and motion graphics studio who creates visual solutions for advertising agencies and clients, motion graphics and animation. The interesting part is that they  implement papercraft and paper designs in their workflow. The image that you see below is a cute papercraft mask they have designed. All i can say that they are full of papercraft inspiration. So if you want to see more papercrafts from shotopop plz visit their site Shotopop.

papercraft designs - shotopop paper craft sample - vodoo mask

4.Mauro Lovadina – Papercraft Motion Graphic

Mauro is a designer with an interest towards motion graphics and character design.He has made some really cool paper design ( the one that we see in the image bellow) and used it to make a stop motion animation. It’s interesting how many people use  paper designs for their stop motion projects.Any way if you like the paper craft in the picture below stop by at his behance profile for more creative artworks Mauro Lovadina Behance.

mauro lovadina image 4

5.James Seet – Papercraft Advertising

James Seet is a senior art director who used and uses paper as a creative expression. This paper sculpture that we can see in the image bellow is an art and craft idea for an advertising campaign.It’s really neat and simple and yet powerful and inspiring.It is really simplistic in color but overwhelming with detail. Its a true example what can be achieved with paper. On the other hand if you want to see more of James Seet’s design visit his design profile – James Seet Behance.

James seet paper sculpture - image 5

 6.Zim and Zou – Papercraft Sculpture

Zim and Zou is a French graphic design studio that explores fields such as paper, art & craft, graphic design and illustration. Instead of working digitally and create everything with 2d and 3d software, they use the paper as a craft material, exploring and pushing the boundaries to its limits. They tend to create all their designs and then photograph them and use it either as illustration or stop motion.If you want to find out more about Zim and Zou visit their site Zim @ Zou.

zim and zou image 6

 7.Lobulo design

Behind Lobulo Design stands a creative designer whose life work is devoted to creative papercraft. He has put his life and soul in to papercraft design and his artwork can be seen in magazines, books and exhibitions all over the world. Its interesting how his designs can inspire so much. Take a look at the artwork in the image bellow.If you like what you see, do not forget to check out his site Lobulodesign.

lobulo design - image 7


Tougui is an artist from France with a passion for papercraft toys. He brings to life character designs in the form of paper. His paper toys are really amusing and fun to watch. But not only toys are what he creates.He uses paper to make really fun and narrative illustrations. I do recommend to check out his site to see what more he has to offer – Tougui.

tougui paper toy - image 8

9.Tawan Ithijarukul

See another good example of creativity true out the form of paper. This artist uses paper to express his ideas and finalize illustrations and graphic design projects for her and for her clients. Her style is unique and very clean, with the usage of white from the paper and  full  less saturated tones. I do hope you will show interest in seeing her creative portfolio  Tawan Ithijarukul Behance.

tawan paper craft - image 9

 10.Bartek Elsner

This artist use paper and cardboard to create massive sculptures used for advertising campaign‘s and art.Take a look how this artist sees things throughout paper and cardboard. Compared to the other examples and artist’s we have seen before this creative individual creates more massive designs and sculptures. These kinds of results are much harder to achieve because they require big installations to make and display compared to everything else we have seen so far. But if you are a fun of big paper and cardboard sculptures don’t forget to visit Bartek Elsner Behance profile. 

bartek elsner - cardboard heart

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