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Creative Package Design - MakeSimpleDesigns

Creative package design

Today’s consumer habit demands a high amount  of quality products that we use in every days life. But in this modern age a good product is simply not good enough any more. What we see in the product is a reflection of our lifestyle, things we do, wealth and social status. That’s why it is very important to us that the products we like are presented in a very good way. And that is the reason why package design it is so important and a lot of creative designers spend a life time in the creation of a good looking packaging.Continue reading

Paper craft as a creative expression for designers featured - MakeSimpleDesigns

Papercraft as a creative expression for designers

A lot of designers today use paper as an artistic medium to express their design creativity. Papercraft or paper craft are a common element in a lot of stop motion animation and advertising campaigns. The interesting part is that it’s a common thing for the average person to use paper as a hobycraft. The ability to craft paper is very simple, affordable and the paper inspirations and ideas are always limitless. Continue reading