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Mind-Blowing 3D Graffiti By Odeith - MakeSimpleDesigns

Mind-Blowing 3D Graffiti By Odeith

Odeith is famous Portuguese graffiti artist best known for his graffiti writing and optical illusions. The artist has the ability to trick the viewer’s eye in to seeing a 2d wall look 3d by the use of accurate shadows, selective colors and a touch of magic. The 3d graffiti are quite simple actually. The anamorphic murals are a combination of 3d graffiti letters, great hue/color selection and a well picked perspective view.The end result is a highly realistic stage of shadows and graffiti letters that jump of the wall.

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Worlds Best Street Art collection

Worlds Best Street Art collection

We continue with another collection of most amazing street art from all over the world. In a previous post we have made a collection of inspiring 3d street art designs. This is going to be another street art 3d collection.You will see a lot of 3d street art and anamorphic street art from artist all the world. We will show you only the best street art there is.Every artist uses a specific view point to make the street art interact with the environment and there for very interesting. They combine shadows,hues and specific view point to serve to you and amazing street art design that will inspire you. I hope you will like the collection.Continue reading

Inspiring and Creative Street Art - MakeSimpleDesigns

Inspiring and Creative Street Art

This is a collection of some inspiring and creative street art from all over the world. Most of this samples are 3d street art and illusions, done with great care and detail to create an optical illusion for the viewer. The street art is very accepted art form because it allows to viewer and common people to interact with it. I do hope you will like the collection we have prepared for you.If you are a street art artist and you want you art to be promoted on our page simple write a comment with a link to your site or write to our mail. We would love to show your art style to the world. Continue reading

Inspiring and Creative Graffiti Writing - MakeSImpleDesigns

Inspiring and Creative Graffiti Writing

Everybody has heard or seen graffiti writing as an art form of drawings and paintings filling the walls and surfaces on public places. The context of the artwork can be a variety from simple words to complex paintings. The reason why graffiti are so popular is because they carry a powerful social or political message and expression. And that is one of the reasons why the graffiti are not accepted by city officials and law enforcement, all do this tendency is starting to change. We are showing you a collection of graffiti images and street art that we hope will inspire you.Continue reading