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Top 4 sites to find freelance jobs

With the fast development of modern technologies, the world become smaller and people more connected. This easy connection allowed to people to share ideas between each other on a fast,easy rate.That resulted in spawning jobs from home and from there freelancing become popular.The idea of working from home,at the time you want and hour rate you chose proved to be a revolutionary idea.The idea that you can work from home and turn your desk in to a profitable business was more than welcomed and accepted.Now a days you can do anything from programming, designing, write content and turn that in to cash.All you need is a computer, internet connection and in most cases you are set to go.On the other hand a lot of site turned in to online search platforms for jobs and projects making it easy for freelancers to find perspective clients.In this post we will talk about sites whose purpose is to list freelance jobs.Here are the links to couple of the best sites for freelance jobs.


Freelancer is one of the online marketplaces here freelancers can interact with clients/employers and vise versa. It has a nice bidding system that allows you to spent 1 bid for every project you apply to.There is also a subscription plan that allows you to increase your bids in order to apply to more projects.Any one from programmers, designers, writers, architects can find projects on freelancer.



Elance is also another great site to take advantage off when you are doing freelance work.Its easy to use and free to sign up. After you complete your profile you are able to search projects based on categories that fit your skills and expertise. Its one of the must sites you need to use if you are a freelancer.



oDesk is one of the most preferred online marketplace among freelancers. You can find a lot of projects there from design to programming. The down side about it is the fact every beginner will start with 2 quota that he can spent only to apply on 2 projects.In order to increase your quota,you need to pass certain tests.But that’s not a permanent problem. Once you deal with it working on oDesk becomes great.



Guru is another online marketplace that freelancers need to use. A huge amount of experts use Guru on daily basis to find freelance projects. Programmers, designers, writers can mostly benefit from this site.



These are not the only one site that offer freelance jobs and projects.There are a lot of sites that offer freelance jobs but i chose those 4 because i have used them and i know a majority of freelancers uses them on daily basis.In the future we will do a bigger list with more of these kind of sites.

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