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Videocopilot – The best resource for After Effects

Videocopilot is website runed by Andrew Kramer devoted on creating resources for After Effects.SO what is it cool about this site .Well first of all lets start with its founder

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Who is Andrew Kramer?

Andrew Kramer is a visual effects and motion graphics artist who created the intro main title for the Star Trek movie in 2009 and the intro main title for the Fringe,the sc-fi series created by J.J.Abrams.This and a lot more of commercials and promo’s created by this great visual effects artist speak about his talent and what he does.And is there a better way to learn visual effects and motion graphics then the Andrew Kramer way .Thank’s to his talent,passion for motion graphics and visual effects we can now enjoy the greatness of the videocoilot.net.

So how did it all started?

Videocopilot.net was started when Andrew Kramer had 2o years.He then started working on several  After Effects tutorials.In the early years his tutorials where featured on  the Creative Cow community.Later on in 2007 he became more popular thanks to his Light Streaks tutorial.It started a worldwide interest in the site and what it was done by him.In 2008 he hit the peak when he created the main title for the FRINGE sc-fi series.That lead to a further collaboration with J.J.Abrams for the main title for the 2009 Star Trek movie. With the growth of Andrew Kramer’s popularity,so did videocopilot.net. Now the site hosts a huge amount of high quality tutorials.

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What is so cool about videocopilot.net?

Created from the creative professional Andrew Kramer,this site offers a pile of high quality After Effects tutorials.From introduction in After Effects to advanced title theme intros and visual effects,videcopilot is definitely the best resource site for After Effects.The cool thing is that all the tutorials are free to watch.

You need to start with the introduction videos.They give you a quick intro to the most popular subjects related to this software like effects,animation,transparency,keying,motion tracking,3D integration, expressions and rendering.After that you will move to the next level where you will get in touch with compositing,camera shaking, blurring text’s,light streaks and etc.When you get in a good shape you will be able to move to the tutorials that involve fancy title’s,particles,preset’s created by andrew.

On the other hand the site also offers a lot of products that you can buy and believe me they are worth it every dollar.There are a lot of cool plugins ,stock footage and sound files that are a must in order to create some great motion graphics and visual effects.Element 3D,Optical Flares are one of the plugins that are pretty cool to have and use.On the other hand stock footage like Riot Gear,Action Essentials are necessary elements for your motion graphics. And at last but not least,Pro Scores,Designer Sound Effects can round up your motion graphics and bring them to the ultimate level.There are so many things,tutorials and products that we haven’ mentioned. The site has all the elements necessary to make your home computer a professional studio.So i suggest you go and check it out.

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