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10 examples of Infographic Resume that inspire

Creating infographic resume is not easy but can get you a job as a graphic designer,illustrator. Employers always look for creative people but in order to get to them you resume must shine.Professional resume is the key to your new job. But in order to get that, your infographic resume must catch their attention.This will increase the chances of an interview and maybe get you hired.
We have strived to find some of the best professional resumes there are today. Here is a list of infographic resumes that can inspire.

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1.Infographic Resume of Riccardo Sabatini

This is the resume that i have found out to be the most spread example of a good and solid resume that can get you a job.The creator has divided everything in sections so that everything looks visually appealing.In order to strengthen his infogaphic resume  he has used a diversity in colors and some nice fonts to point on the interesting facts.The most interesting part that i have found was believe it or not the bottom of the infographic resume where he provokes the employer to take an action: hire me or trash the resume.A really state of the art resume.Here is a link of  Riccardo Sabatini Behance profile.resume of riccardo sabatini

2.Infographic Resume of Magdalena Cyrczak

This is another cool looking resume that has creative infographic elements to  present her design abilities.She puts her work experience (the strongest part) at the top, following with an infographic description of what she does, software know;edge and education.A really neat,simple  resume that hires for sure.Here is a link of her site cyrczak.com

resume of Magdalena Cyrczak

3.Infographic Resume of Robbie Bautista

Another cool looking infographic resume.He puts his education and work experience at the top, and follows with abilities section presented in a cool looking way with icons.In the bottom part he has placed his software knowledge and the clients he has worked for.Just so you know,adding the clients strengthens your resume because they give credential that you are good and reliable at what you do.Wrap all up and you get a professional resume fit to impress every employer. If you want to see more work of this illustrator go to his Behance profile Thecreativedork.

Resume of Robbie Bautista

4.Infographic Resume of Errol Veloso

This professional resume has a nice structure with geometric forms.He has placed his education and profile at the top and focused his accent on colors to represent his creative and technical abilities and strengths. All of of his sections are nicely structured and easy to read. That’s what makes this infographic resume a great asset to get you a job. If you want to find out more about Errol Veloso visit his Behance profile.


5.Infographic Resume of Leonardo Zakour

This is one of the best infographic resume i have seen so far on the web. Nice structured resume, perfectly selected branded colors and a catchy folding design. Simple said: Brilliant. If you want to see some more creative stuff from Leonardo Zakour visit his site leozakour.com

Resume of Leonardo Zakour

6.Infographic Resume of Gabriel Ghnassia

This professional resume is nicely packed with some carefully chosen light colors.It has a nice symbol at the begging and a nice infographic in the middle showing the designers interest and design abilities. If you want to see the creative work of this designer visit his Behance profile gabyfive.

Resume of Gabriel Ghnassia

7.Infographic Resume of Hee Sun Kim

Nice Infographic resume with a strong accent of her work experience and projects made for important global events. Nicely shown her huge proficiency in design software and recognition’s from film festivals. Professional resume i would love to have. I recommend you should check out her site if you want to see more creative designs.
The link to her site is heesunkim.com

Resume of Hee Sun Kim

8.Infographic Resume of Bernice Beltran

A really nice resume design with contrast colors and nice sections.The elements are simple and effective showing only what is important like: education, work experience, software skills and language skills.
If you want to see the creative art of Bernice visit her site www.bernicebeltran.com

Resume of Bernice Beltran

 9.Infographic Resume of Jimmy Raheriarisoa

Jimmy is an art director and graphic designer based in Strasbourg. His infographic resume is really creative and appealing. Its a black and white,it has a couple of fonts and its backed up with nice illustrations and graphics. If you want to see more of his creative designs visit www.nerisson.fr

Resume of Jimmy Raheriarisoa

10.Resume of Genevieve Dennis

She is a graphic designer and illustrator and has created this marvelous resume so people can take an example how to create their own.Her resume shows some cool infographic about design and software abilities and a relay good representation of her work experience which is really important when you are applying for a new job.If you want to see what she does visit her Behance profile genevievedennis.

Resume of Genevieve Dennis

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