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Amazing Package Designs That Sell - MakeSimpleDesigns post

Amazing Package Designs That Sell

Package design is the most important of a product. Amazing and inspiring package designs can influence a person to purchase or not a product. These days designers spend precious time to invent creative package designs. They make the packaging creative, funny, interactive, colorful and compact. In this post we will see a lot of packaging ideas that will inspire you. Be creative and start creating your own packaging templates.

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1.Menu – Cool Packaging Design by Alan (R3DO) Rodríguez

menu fruit package design - MakeSimpleDesigns

This interesting packaging is the best thing for you, especially for gourmet chefs who want to take they are fruits long time fresh. In this packaging you can put whatever fruits you want. With this packaging you will never make a mistake because in the same package design are drown different types of fruits, and when you look at it you will immediately know what fruit is inside.so what you wait for, go to the fridge because the fruits are calling you for a long time.If you want to see more images from this package design visit this link Menu Fruit.


2.Trident Gum Packaging Concept – by Hani Douaji

Trident Gum Packaging Concept - MakeSimpleDesigns

Trident Gum Packaging Concept 2 - MakeSimpleDesigns

This amazing package design is created for the people who want to have a white teeth and enjoy of these pleasure of gum without sugar.This beautiful red mouth will make you curious what flavor is it: spearmint, cool mint or peppermint.with this simple packaging every time you want to take a gum directly with your mouth it will bring a nice smile on your face.This gum i not just for fun but she will protect your teeth forever.If you want to see more images from this amazing packaging visit this link – Trident Gum Packaging


3.El Mariachi Red Wine – Packaging inspiration by Steve Simpson

El Mariachi Red Wine Collection - MakeSImpleDesigns

What a gorgeous packaging inspiration for Mexican wine created by Steve Simpson from Dublin. Choose one of El Mariachi Red Wine Collection with cool names like Merlot aka Chucho, Malbec aka Pepe or Cabernet Sauvignon aka Roberto.Interesting about this packaging is that instead real ….. there are mariachi faces. And be careful with back label because there is cactus barcode. So drink, sing and looks like mariachi. If you want to see more images from this packaging visit this link – El Mariachi Red Wine Package Design.


4.Quartz Champagne Package design

qualtz champagne package design - MakeSImpleDesigns

qualtz champagne package design 2

This is simple elegant packaging created by Max Molitor and Cajza Nyden. Do you know what can you put in this interesting, elegant packaging? Of course you know, your favorite quartz champagne. With this packaging your champagne will always lying on shelf and never breakdown. Like this you can bring the champagne to birthday, party or maybe in some formal occasion. For more images from this elegant packaging, please visit this link – Quartz Champagne Package Design.


5.Petit – Natural Juice box design by Isabela Rodrigues

petit natural juice - MakeSimpleDesigns

This funny juice box design is created by Isabela Rodriques from Brazil. It is intended for all of you especially for your children. They will be happy with this fanny packaging and never more will say no to juice. You can choose what flavor you want to drink: orange lemon or grape it’s up to you. I have to mansion that all packages are designed in sustainable use and all bottles are returnable. For more images from this elegant packaging, please visit this link – Petit Natural Juice.

6.Miami wines – identity design by Vlad Likh

Miami wines Package Design - MakeSimpleDesigns

Miami wines 2 - MakeSimpleDesigns

This really unique identity design is created by Vlad Likh from Moscow. The concept of this wine is inspired by Miami sky. Depend of you in what time of the day you want to drink one of this wines, you can choose Miami sunrise, sunset or maybe breeze. Miami sunrise has flavor of apple, sunrise is from strawberry, and breeze is from plum. But one is sure when you will drink this wine you will have sense like you are in Miami.For more images from this cool packaging, please visit this link – Miami wines.


7.Arepa creative packaging

Arepa Package Design - MakeSimpeDesigns

Arepa Package Design 2 - MakeSimpeDesigns

You want to eat well but you don’t have enough time for it. Don’t worry about it any more. Here is the very new creative packaging that satisfies all your needs. Wherever you go you can take it with you, it doesn’t matter if it’s when you are traveling, walking or having fun with your friends. This is intended especially for young people who are constantly on movement. Isn’t it beautiful.For more images from this interesting packaging, please visit this link – Arepa.


8.Strawberry Smartpot – box design by AKU

Strawberry Smartpot - MakeSimpleDesigns

Strawberry Smartpot 2 - MakeSimpleDesigns

AKU is awesome graphic designer from Estonia who created this really genius Ider ,,Click and Grow Strawberry Smartpot”. You like to eat strawberry right? Оf course you like. Now you can eat whenever you want, just click and strawberries will grow. These strawberries are natural without any chemicals. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it, because inside the box design, there is step-by-step instructions how to do it.For more images from this elegant packaging please visit this link – Strawberry Smartpot.


9. Mr Red Package identity design

Amazing t-shirt package design - Mr Red

Amazing t-shirt package design image 2 - Mr Red

Pay attention on this creative identity design created by Antonio Rodrigues and Mark Rogers. This simple packaging will keep your clothes always neatly and such like you have left. Mr-Red is giving you the coolest possibly typography ever. This packaging will give you all you want started from different colors to overall simplicity. Now you will have clothes like no one else. Enjoy in your neatly, colorful and clean clothes.For more images from this creative packaging, please visit this link – Antoniorodriguesjr.


10.Blue Hill Yogurt – Packaging

Blue hill Yogurt Packaging

Blue hill Yogurt Package Design

Tomato, Beet, Carrot and other vegetables you can find at this Blue Hill Yogurt. This brilliant Ider of Branding and interesting packaging is created by Apartment One From Brooklyn, USA. The concept of this packaging is inspired by vintage and have to mansion that the milk from cow is 100% naturally. Interesting is that inside this packaging you can find the recipes how to use the yogurts everyday. For more images from this elegant packaging, please visit this link – Apton.


11.Gawatt Emotions – innovative packaging

Gawatt Emotions Packaging

Gawatt Emotions Packaging image 2

This is one of the funnies innovative packaging ever. This is Simply and excellent Graphic design and illustration created by Stepan, Karen and Narine. You will love this wonderful packaging because you can customize the faces by your mood depending of how you feel at the moment. ?nce when you will see this package you will want to drink coffee only from him. So people let them load your emotions because they will made you smile.For more images from this elegant packaging, please visit this link – Gawatt-emotions.


12.Swish-Creative packaging

Swish Packaging - Simple package design

Swish-Packaging - image 1

This simple and impressive brand package is created by empatía ®  from Buenos Aires. This is modern and original design with interesting typography, colors and structure, If you think this packaging will keep your fish more time fresh you are right, and not just this you can recognize what is inside every single packaging just to look what color is the circle on package. This is real package for all of you who love fresh seafood.For more images from this creative packaging, please visit this link – Swish Packaging.


13.Moo Goo Syrups – packaging inspiration

Moo Goo Syrups Packaging - MakeSimpleDesigns

Moo Goo Syrups Packaging Image 2 - MakeSimpleDesigns

This amazing illustration is created by Arabo, Karen, Rafael, Amanek and Stepan. If your children don’t want to drink milk, this is the right time to give them this interesting and funny packaging. But this isn’t just for them, this is intended also for adults who want to drink milk hot or cold. You can choose among three flavors: caramel, cocoa and vanilla. Your children will love it. For more images from this elegant packaging, please visit this link – Moo Goo Syrups.


14.Morning Glory Coffee Packaging

Morning Glory Coffee Packaging

If you are like other people who want to wake up and start the day with a cup of coffee, you have to had this packaging. With this packaging you will have really Morning Glory, and never more sleepy. This is grateful to Diasty and taffy from Indonesia who created this packaging with amazing typography. Interesting is that every single package show you a different message. Simply amazing. For more images from this elegant packaging, please visit this link – Morning Glory Coffee Packaging.


15.Oatmeal cookies packaging – box design

oatmeal cookies packaging

This funny packaging was created by Alexander Petrov and An Palahniuk from Russian Federation.Is there someone who doesn’t like to eat a chocolate. No of course. But this isn’t just a sweetly  cookies, this is also sweetly Graphic Design. You can find this packaging in what color you like. This small monsters will give you no fat free healthy chocolates.For more images from this elegant packaging, please visit this link Oatmeal-cookies.


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