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Sketchbook pro cover image

Autodesk Sketch Book Pro 6 Review

Sketch Book Pro is an Autodesk product created for people who love to draw,paint,sketch and illustrate.Even do its a young app,it started spreading quickly.It is very simple app, with some cool tool’s that make it interesting for everyone who has a passion for drawing and sketching.

Sketchbook pro cover image

The cover image for Sketch Book Pro 6 is called “Invasion” and its done by artist Bobby Chui.

Who can benefit from Autodesk Sketch Book Pro 6?

Sketch Book Pro is for every one who loves to draw,sketch,paint and illustrate.This way you can make your traditional sketches as a digital content.Sketch Book can be useful for everyone from beginner to expert as long as you intend to draw,sketch and illustrate.Comic book artists,illustration artists,people who sketch can mostly benefit from it.

So what is so cool about this Software?

Well Sketch Book Pro 6 is very,very simple app.It takes not more then 2 hour to read the whole manual and you are good to go.It has a simple canvas interface and tool’s.It consists from a Toolbar,Lagoon (arched toolbar),Color and Brush puck,Brush Palette,Layer Editor,Color Editor,Copic Library (toolbar with color combinations and complementary colors to them).And that’s it.No fancy effects,gradients,layer styles, nothing.Just simple commands and a brush palette that you need in order to draw,sketch and illustrate.

But there is something that it drew my attention.At first glance they look ordinary,but so far i haven’t seen great tools as these.It the RULER,ECLIPSE and especially the FRENCH CURVE.When you test or purchase the software you will see what i mean.I have used a lot of drawing and photo editing software but none of them has something like this.The Ruler, Eclipse and French Curve allow you to draw straight,curved and complex curved lines.Nice smooth car curves can be created in seconds.Complex curves that took you minutes to created now can be made in no time.These any many more cool stuff wait for you to be unlocked with this sketching software.

Image from Creature box

This is an artwork created by a company called Creature Box in Sketch Book Pro.

System requirements and tablets? All you need in order to enjoy this software is a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 128 MB of Graphics Card.So this means you wont have any problems with your computer.For all those who want to draw and sketch on their smartphones,iphone,iPad’s Autodesk offers the app for their mobile devices to.When it comes to computers it is supported by MAC and PC,and this make’s the software more practical.But it does require to have a tablet.I mean you can draw with a mouse if you intend to create sketches just for your self.But in order to create some really cool stuff you need to buy a pressure sensitive tablet. Wacom creates some high quality tablets fit for this app,but other brands of tablets can all so do,as long as they are pressure sensitive.

How much does it cost?

Well the price is different.On the Autodesk Store you can buy it for 59$ if you are in the North American region.If you are in Europe it costs like 72 euro.About the other regions you have to check.But when it comes to buying the software i suggest you to avoid the Autodesk Store.I have spent some time on the internet and found out that you can buy Sketch Book Pro 6 for 40 $ or less as a brand new product.The price range i have found on ebay and amazon was between 30$ and 40$ as a brand new package.Some of the company’s that sell Sketch Book Pro 6 on ebay and amazon offer worldwide shipping for a dissent price.And this makes the product cheaper then from the actual Autodesk Store.


So now all that is left is for you to test this software.You have the chance to download it as a trial version and test it.After that you will know if you are interested to buy the app or not.I have placed a link to the official site to Sketch Book Pro.There you can find useful information about the software and tutorials.I just hope that you found this information useful.Your admin Ilcho Bogdanovski.

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