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creative resume designs that can get you hired part2 - MakeSimpleDesigns

Professional resume designs that can get you hired – Part 2

In the previous post we have talked about how important the design of a resume can be. You need to give your resume design a good look to get the job you want.That is the primary objective of a professional resume. Professional resume design gives you the chance to get attention and get hired, while on the other hand a bad resume design gives you a one way ticket to the trash can.

This post is to show you how creative designers user their knowledge to spice up their resume design and create impression. Take a look at the selected professional resumes and use them for inspiration. I also recommend that you take a look at the related post to resume designs for more creative inspiration.MakeSimpleDesigns offers a large variety of amazing inspirations, typography, street art, illustration and tutorial posts. Don’t forget to check them out. Also visit other cool posts on our website related to resume designs such as:

1.Professional Resume of Caleb Frank

This designer resume is from  Caleb Frank. It is a 2 section resume with some really nice color picks. The left section contains more contact related information such as email, phone and address. But the right side on the other hand contains professional – work related information. I like this professional resume design for its information structure while it gives accent to work experience and education. I can say that this is a very cool resume sample and if you want to see more images of it, visit this link – Resume of Caleb Frank.

Resume design of Caleb Frank

2.Professional Resume of Martin Dhote

It is a green and grey professional resume while having some nice texture. The education section is presented in a very nice way using a time line. The experience section shows the present work at the top, following the past work experiences. The last section is the software knowledge and the designer used spot and empty circles to show graphically his professional knowledge. All in one i can say that this is a good professional resume sample that you need to take in to account. If you want to see the original source of this resume design visit the link – Resume of Martin Dhote.

Resume design of Martin Dhote

3.Professional Resume of Surabhi Wadhwa

This is a good professional resume sample that belongs to graphic designer Surabhi Wadhwa. All the sections are well organized and structured. The designer gave importance to certain information while adding diverse color and graphic elements. He has placed his information at the top, followed by work experience and education. Everything is organized really good, with no excess of elements and color. If you want to see more images of this graphic designer resume sample, visit the link – Professional Resume design of Surabhi Wadhwa.

Resume design of Surabhi Wadhwa

4.Professional Resume of Sven Kaiser

This we have simplistic, clean and chronological resume design. The designer has placed his logo, name and profession at the top right with a small picture of him at the top right. Then with some nice created icons and structured data he presents his long and impressive work experience. He has splited the work experience in two sections: on the left side you can see the companies that he has worked for and on the right side his duties and work expectations. After the work experience comes the education and at the bottom he has used client companies that he has worked for as a reference for his quality and professionalism.
I just want to say that this is an eye catching sample, one of the best professional resume ever. If you want to see more images of this resume design, visit his behance profile – Resume of Sven Kaiser.

Resume design of Sven Kaiser

5.Professional Resume of Dana Tepper

It is a 2 colored good resume example with some icons and logo at the top. All the information is scattered around the paper but work experience and education dominate the top section. What she had added also to her professional resume is her training in graphic related software, skills and personal achievements. That rounds up everything in to one great designed resume that will get you a job. If you want to take a look at her design resume or download it for reference, visit this link – Professional Resume Dana Tepper.

Resume design of Dana Tepper

 6.Professional Resume of James Lafuente

Another example of a professional resume with some big text showing each section of it. He used his contact information and placed it at the top. From there, top to bottom he has showed his education, work experience, software knowledge and skills. What he did in his sample is he added importance to his education because of the lack of work experience. He simple realized that 1 year of work experience is not enough. In order to impress his future employer he added accent to his studies. It simple shows that most of the time you can present yourself really good with what you have and a good design. If you want to see more images of this design resume, visit the link – Professional Resume of James Lafuente.

Resume design of James Lafuente

7.Professional Resume of Bendik Bratseth

What you see in the image bellow is a good example how infographic resume can be used to create great professional resume. This design resume is rich with icons, vector elements and it has a good color selection. It is simplistic well organized, appealing and unique infographic resume design. I like it a lot because its very stylized and simple, and yet very attractive. If you want to see more images of this professional resume design, visit the link – Professional Resume of Bendik Bratseth.

Resume design of Bendik Bratseth

8.Professional Resume of Oceane Combeau

This is one of my favorite resume designs. It is a simple resume, black and white, nice shapes and cool icons. What more do you want for your resume. It is a perfect example of how your resume needs to be. This sample shows you that it is important to structure everything, so the information can be readable and easy to find. The professional resume tells you everything about the person and what that person does. If you want to see more images of this resume design, visit the link –  Resume of Oceane Combeau.

Resume of Oceane Combeau

9.Infographic Resume of Sudharsan Veera

This is a very lovely infographic resume. Again we have a simple and elegant graphic design resume sample with 2 colors on a black background and some well designed graphics. I do believe that this sample comes in 3 pages. It contains information that is more off professional CV related so you can consider this design a resume and CV at the same time. I can simple say its a nice professional resume that needs to be take in account. If you want to see more images of this well designed resume, visit the link – Resume of Sudharsan Veera.

Resume design of Sudharsan Veera

10.Professional Resume of Admir Hadzic

The final sample for this post is a very elegant infographic resume. It is a user interface related with a huge relation to website design. It simple gives you a look of some one’s online portfolio. This professional resume is very elegant, simple and graphically  amazing. The color combination is very good, impressive and a great match for the icons and graphics. Admir used a lot of infographics for his education and experience section. The same goes for the software skill section. Over all this infographic resume is a great example of how you need to structure your data and information that you need to present to your future employer. If you want to see more images of this resume, visit the link – Resume of Admir Hadzic.

Resume design of Admir Hadzic

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