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cv vs resume - cv resume difference

CV vs Resume


A CV (Curriculum Vitæ, which means course of life in Latin) is an online or printed document that gives information about your lifetime achievements and work experiences.Its simply your life biography.It covers all your work experience,education,hobby,accomplishments,awards and etc. The cool thing about the CV is that it’s almost never changing for different job positions.That’s because all the information is general.


A resume, or résumé, is an online or printed document that gives specific information about certain lifetime achievements and work experiences. The goal of a resume is to show all the best of you for a specific job position.The resume on the other hand needs constant updating.And you always have to pay attention to give only information related to the job you apply.


The resume needs to be designed to each position you apply whereas the CV will stay the same.The  CV is a list of everything in your career while the Resume is just one part of your work history.

Lets give you a tip:

You are freelance web designer and you want to get a job as a web designer.You want to maximize your success chance by applying to multiple web design companies.In that case you create a CV.Since your work experience/education or both is related to web design its easier to create one document with general information about you.In this case you use CV.

Lets say in the past 5 years you have worked as graphic designer, web designer and 3d artist.There is a job opportunity at big animation studio that needs a 3d modeler.In this case you need to provide information relevant to the specific request.That means you need to provide only the work experience you had when you where a 3d artist.The animation studio will not care at all how good of a graphic designer you are.They will only care how good at 3d modeling and animation you are. That’s why in this case you use Resume.

The World: CV or Resume

US and Canada are Resume oriented. European Union countries are more of CV oriented.Australia and India don’t make a difference about it.So the thing is: It depends on you which one you are going to use.Just show all the best of you.

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