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Drawing tablet – Tools of the trade

Drawing tablet ( also know as pen computer, pen display, pen tablet, smartpad, graphic tablet or any other related keyword) reffers to a tool that was developed not a long time and took mass interest from the start. The reason lies in the ability to expand your creativity when drawing and painting while using your computer. Drawing tablets simulate anything from pens, pencils, brushes making the most diverse all in one tool for illustrators, painters, creative individuals.
Those who dream to paint and draw on a computer can't imagine a day without it


In the early days drawing tablets where expensive and targeted for creatives in specific industries that where willing to pay big bucks in order to take advantage of it. Nowadays competition has pushed prices down making it affordable for a vast range of users.
That made acceptance and usage of the drawing tablet skyrocket. 

Ok, its a cool and funky and know what?
Like any tool, drawing tablets have a lot of features and utilities that users need to address in order to take full advantage of them. This post is going to help you understand every key feature of pen tablets and how to exploit their full potential.

Drawing tablets - Its a tool illustration

Drawing tablets are tools

Drawing tablets ( or pen tablets, drawing monitors, pen displays and etc) are tools designed to make you money or acquire/improve skills that can make you money.
They are not a fashion or social status accessory.
Above all, drawing tablets are not magic wands so don't expect to perform miracles on the digital canvas.
They only reflect your creative skills. Nothing less, nothing more.

Drawing tablet's active size and overall device size

Drawing tablet - Active Area Illustration

For every drawing tablet there is going to be an Active Area and Overall Device Size.
Active Area in every drawing tablet represents the area you can draw on.
Overall Device Size is the actual size of the device. This means that Active Area of every drawing tablet is smaller then Overall Device Size.
So whats the catch!

Drawing tablets with bigger Active Area are more practical to draw with

Drawing tablets with bigger Active Area come at a greater cost

Drawing tablets with Smaller Active Area are price competitive and portable

Drawing tablets with smaller Active Area are not so practical to use

It boils down to what you need. For beginners / novice its reasonable to start with a small pen tablet ( or drawing tablet ). You will have a small and practical tool that will help you explore the possibilities of the tool without burning your wallet.

Same goes for experience users. Depending on their budget they can choose more expensive and quality drawing tablets in order to achieve target goals and quality results.

Drawing tablet

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