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MSD logo creation series - Thumbnail logo design tutorial

MSD logo creation series – Thumbnail

This is a MakeSimpleDesigns logo creation series. It is going to be a set of tutorials that can help you in the logo creation process. The first part is going to be devoted to preparation. So what do we mean with that. Well, creating an amazing logo designs is not an easy task. All do it seams to be its quite complicated. In order to create a good logo designs the first thing you have to do is make a research. Then take that research and write it down on a piece of paper. Chose the appropriate design ( the one you like the most ) and bring it to life. Doing so you will be  able to create great logo designs. Fail to follow this path and the logo design process will be very hard and painful.

1.Make a research – MSD logo design tutorial

“Make a research”. You have to understand that this is the most important part in any creation process. It is the same for all aspects of life. So where can you find a logo design inspiration? Its simple – “EVERYWHERE”. Use the web, books, your home and most importantly nature. You will be quite surprised of what you can find outdoor. The best forms,shapes and color variations are in nature. It has been and always be humans best inspiration.

You need to pay attention to couple of subjects: form and color. When it comes to form always look for simple shapes. Simplicity is the key. The color palette should be reduced to minimum. Use not more then 3 colors per logo design. It can be a spot color or gradient with a preference for spot color.

Note: Spending time on research can vary. It can be somewhere from 30 minutes to days and maybe weeks. It depends on the project. If its a project with tight deadline 30 min of research is enough. If its an expensive corporate branding then research can take up to couple of months.At the end it depends of you – the designer. You have to organize time in order to have a better productivity.

[bar_graph] [bar title=”Research Process Completed” percent=”25″ color=”Accent-Color” id=”b1″] [bar title=”Logo Creation Series by MakeSimpleDesigns.com – Completed” percent=”8″ color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″] [/bar_graph]

Research - Logo creation process

2.Tools – MSD logo creation series

After you have made a good research on forms and color for your future logo its time to put your ideas on a piece of paper.But in order to do that we need the right tools. When i say tools i mean something that we can draw with. This is what we will need:

  • Paper  [icon color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″ size=”regular” image=”icon-ok”]
  • Pencil [icon color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″ size=”regular” image=”icon-ok”]
  • Pen – Optional   [icon color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″ size=”regular” image=”icon-ok”]
  • Brush – Optional [icon color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″ size=”regular” image=”icon-ok”]

My preferred choice is Pencil. Its practical and easy to use. If you feel comfortable working with pen or a brush its all fine with me. As i said use the tool that you prefer the most.

[bar_graph] [bar title=”Tools Process Completed” percent=”30″ color=”Accent-Color” id=”b1″] [bar title=”Logo Creation Series by MakeSimpleDesigns.com – Completed” percent=”10″ color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″] [/bar_graph]

Tools - MSD logo creation process

3.Sketching – MSD logo creation series

Take a pencil and start sketching. Try to create at least 20 logo samples. More samples you have the better. Be fast and dont detail. Brainstorm your ideas. Spend not more then 1 hour for the sketches. Try to use different shapes in the creation process. Do not use similar shapes for each logo design. Every sketch needs to be different from the samples next to each other.

In my samples i have used the letter A. The idea was to use something simple. Simple is better remember that. So this is what i have come up with. 36 samples for 1 hour.

[bar_graph] [bar title=”Sketching Process Completed” percent=”80″ color=”Accent-Color” id=”b1″] [bar title=”Logo Creation Series by MakeSimpleDesigns.com – Completed” percent=”20″ color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″] [/bar_graph]


4.Choosing Options – MSD logo creation series

We have completed the sketching process. Choose the samples that you like the most. See whats interesting in an option and why. Try to imagine a sample as a finished products and evaluate its defects. Is there a chance your logo idea wont print or look good on the web because its to thin. This is just one of the many things you need to take in account before you can say that one design is great.In the image below you can see the logo ideas i have chosen. Now im going to explain why these logo designs where preferred instead of the others.Ill try to short and present it in the simplest way.

Sample 1 – It has really good forms. They look like mountains on top of each other.Very good for some one who has a company related to the word Alpine. Good for sport, hiking, restaurant or hotel related company.

Sample 2 – It has good square forms. It represents strength,structure and stability. It also has an it logo look. Good for building or hi-tech company.

Sample 3 – It keeps its later A structure. Its good for a low-poly effects. Good for companies who have the A later in their name.

sample 4. Its very similar to sample 3 and 1. But it has a structure that associates to connection.

[bar_graph] [bar title=”Choosing Options Process Completed” percent=”100″ color=”Accent-Color” id=”b1″] [bar title=”Logo Creation Series by MakeSimpleDesigns.com – Completed” percent=”25″ color=”Extra-Color-1″ id=”b2″] [/bar_graph]


Conclusion – With this we complete the thumbnail logo creation process. In the next tutorial we will talk about the software we can use and will bring one of the sketches to life.

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ilcho bogdanovski is a designer and enthusiast who loves to create photoshop tutorials. He also loves to write articles about design and software used in the creative process

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