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Resumes - CV's - Self Branding's That Get you Hired - MakeSimpleDesigns

Resumes – CV’s – Self Branding’s That Get You Hired

Resumes, CV‘s and Self Branding is an important process of every designer. That is the first moment you leave an impression to your future employer, client or business partner. But the most important thing is that the your self branding will create an impact on the person you are contacting. The question: Is it going to create a positive or negative impact?That is the question that you need to ask your self every time you create a resume, cv or self branding material. To create a good impact, your resume or cv needs to be well organized with some nice and clean graphics. Don’t flood your resume with unnecessary  elements just to show how good designer you are.


Overflooding your resume can only get your resume in the trash. And always add information relevant to your job description and the things you do, meaning if someone needs an illustrator don’t pump up your resume with information on how good you are at 3d Max or Maya. I do hope you get the picture. This is one of the many reasons why i have created this post, just to show you how people managed to create awesome resumes and cv’s and presenting themselves in the brightest light. Enjoy.

MakeSimpleDesigns offers a large variety of amazing inspirations, typography, street art, illustration and tutorial posts. Don’t forget to check them out. Also visit other cool posts on our website related to resume designs such as:

1.Francesco Rivieccio’s Personal Illustrated Resume – Flat Infographic Design

We are talking about a personal illustrated resume design with flat elements. We can say that its one of my favorite. The designer used personal vector illustrations to present him self in the brightest light about the thing he does best. What i like at most its the slogan “Heart for Art”. Another catching element is the transition from his early days shown as 8-bite till today represented as a nice character illustration in HD. Really appealing and brilliant resume that inspires and attract’s attention. If you want to find out more about this designer visit his Behance profile – Francesco Rivieccio.

Illustrated Resume - Francesko Rivieccio

2. Candy Store – Infographic Resume of Qianhui Tan

This time we have a really sweet approach on how to make your resume design. Designer Qianhui Tan create an infographic resume as a big candy store, using flat illustrative elements and rounded everything up with a nice selection of colors. She gave an accent to her design and programing skills followed by education and things she love. The resume is clean, readable and easy to follow. No wonder anyone will say that her resume is sweeeeeeet. To find out more about this designer visit her Behance profile – Qianhui Tan.

Candy Store - Infographic Resume of Qianhui Tan

3.Resume Template – Fernando Baez

This resume sample i believe its monochromatic and its the product of the creative mind of designer Fernando Baez. Its well organized, simplistic and easy to follow. The elements are simple, clean and very descriptive . The really good thing about this resume design is that it’s free to download and to do that, you have to visit this link – Free Resume Template from Fernado Baez . If you want to find out more about this designer please visit his website JustCreativeIdeas.

Resume Design - Fernando Baez

 4.Infographic Resume of Lim Zhiyang

The next design is a really good sample of self promotion infographic resume using the designers workspace as a motive. The designer used very simplistic flat vector elements and small variations of color. He used little information to get the maximum effect. The illustrations are great, well organized and give a hint of every day’s designer environment. I do hope you will get inspired by this infographic and plz check the designers portfolio at Behance – Lim Zhiyang.

Infographic Resume - Lim Zhiyang

5. Infographic Resume of illustrator Paola Lhen Mercedes – Mercader

We are talking about one of a kind infographic resume that will blow your mind. All i have to say about this resume is “Perfect”. She created some really nice elements about the things she can do and the software she uses along with an illustration of herself. The work experience sections are well organized and divided with different colors and a call to action at the bottom along with her contact details. Once again “Perfect”. So if you want to find out more about this designer and i hope you do plz visit her Behance profile – Paola Lhen Mercedes – Mercader.

Infographic Resume - Paola Lhen Martinez Mecader

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ilcho bogdanovski is a designer and enthusiast who loves to create photoshop tutorials. He also loves to write articles about design and software used in the creative process

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